Fun with Panoramic Photography in Derby, Vermont

I’m a Photoshop fan, I’ll admit it. Not too long ago, the only way you could truly edit your photos was to actually have a darkroom in your home, which is something that the average person couldn’t afford. But with Photoshop, almost anybody can take a photo and can play with it to transform it into something different.

One fun thing that Photoshop can do is to create panoramic photos extremely easily. All your family photographer in Vermont has to do is to stand in the same spot (using a tripod is a good idea) and to take a number of photos, panning left to right, slightly overlapping each photo. Then just bring the photos into photoshop and merge them together, making photoshop do the work and creating a seamless and very fun photo.

And what’s great about panoramic photos is that they can be used for a variety of things, from scenic photography to family photography in Vermont to wedding photography!

If you’re searching for a Vermont photographer for weddings, family photos, or really for anything you’d like to have documented with photos, make sure you ask your photographer if they can do panoramic photos!


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