Finding a Wedding Photographer in Vermont

I’ve found a lot of brides who are focused on getting the right church, and the right hall, and the right band or dj. One thing that many brides forget about until last minute is the photographer. You definitely want to have a professional photographer for your Vermont wedding. You can opt to have a friend take photos, and they may come out nice! But chances are higher that they’ll come out pretty poorly, as most friends who have cameras only use point and clicks and don’t know how to get the most flattering look from you and your wedding party.

At my most recent wedding, the bride’s mother commented to me that I was more than just a photographer. She noticed that I really tried to make sure that everything went smoothly for the bride, but also that I did a lot of stuff to loosen everyone up. Have I missed my calling as a stand-up comedienne?

Actually loosening everyone up is one of the things that I really enjoy doing, and I do it for a good reason. Have you ever had a photo taken of yourself when you’re stiff and uncomfortable and just want the picture to be taken? If you have, then that’s likely not been your best picture. What about a photo that was taken of you when you weren’t looking and where you’re laughing and having a great time? Those are the pictures that most people remember, and that they like the best of themselves as well.

When I’m photographing a Vermont wedding, I try to gauge the feel of the crowd and to loosen everyone up in a way that’s comfortable for them. This gives us the best formal shots and the best shots at the reception.

So when you’re starting your search for a wedding photographer in Vermont, or even a wedding photographer in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, make sure that you find a photographer who is willing to get a little silly in order to help you to get the best shots on your wedding day.


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