What Is A Vermont Maternity Photographer?

I had the amazing opportunity this spring to do a maternity photo shoot with a wonderful couple. They were getting ready to welcome their first child into the world and asked me to do the shoot at their home. I was a good thing that they had decided to do it in their home as that day turned out to be one that was definitely not warm.

Most people that I’ve talked to about maternity photo shoots actually had no idea what it was. A maternity shoot is when you hire a professional photographer to take beautiful memories of the time right before your child enters the world. A maternity shoot is a great deal of fun because it can go so many different ways. It can be of just the mother and her unborn child, or of the mother and father, or of the mother, father, and any older children that they have. It can be sweet and sentimental, or a bit silly (one of the more fun shots to do is of an older child painting mommy’s pregnant belly!).

If you’re going to be a new parent soon, you may want to think about hiring a professional photographer to do a maternity photo shoot for you. Or if you know someone who is going to be having a baby, setting up a maternity shoot for them as a baby shower gift could be a wonderful and unique present!


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