A Different Photographic Opportunity

I guess I’m what is considered a portrait photographer. I love taking pictures of lots of stuff, but the ones where I have a subject are the ones that truly shine. My aunt purchased a horse a year or so ago. He’s her pride and joy (aside from her children and grandchildren) and since my daughter is horse mad, I asked if we could go over to the barn that she’s got her horse stabled at and Babygirl could see a horse up close. She was more than happy to agree and, of course, I brought my camera.

The stable owner was a wonderful woman and after she saw a few shots I’d taken in the barn, asked if I could come back the next day to get some photos of her students jumping.

That was an opportunity not to be missed! Being a portrait photographer, I love shooting people, but I also like shooting animals. When you shoot animal shots, they can be labeled as portraits. A horse jumping, however, is more like shooting sports – it’s a whole different dynamic and is something that, quite honestly, I haven’t had much experience with.

The next day the owner let me get into the ring with the horses jumping and I got an opportunity that I never thought I’d have. It resulted in photos like the one above.

Not only did I get to have fun, but I got to practice. That’s key when you’re into photography – practice! I’m showing the barn owner the photos this afternoon and hopeful that she likes them. I’d love more opportunities to shoot photos like this!


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