Vermont Wedding Photographer – Going With the Flow

I always feel honored to be a part of someone’s wedding by photographing it. And as I told my assistant the other day, even though we’re not wearing dresses and walking down the aisle, we’re making memories of their special day, and that’s a very, very important job. One of the most enjoyable parts of photographing a wedding for me isn’t just the formals, or the reception, it’s being able to use my creativity. In fact you should demand that any Vermont photographer you hire uses their creativity to capture moments that you’ll love for forever.

Take the above photo. This photo is a hand holding a bride and groom’s rings. Doesn’t seem special, does it? Actually, it is. The hand that’s holding the ring belongs to the groom’s 90 year old grandfather. Yes, NINETY years old. The groom had a particular connection to this grandfather and when I showed this shot to one of his aunts, she immediately teared up. She recognized that this was going to be a photo that they were able to keep for forever and that would remind them always of how much of a hard worker his grandfather was – just look at the hands. She said, “I love this. Love it. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

And the reason she hasn’t is basically because I pulled it out of my…um, imagination.

I was taking photos of the rings when I just happened to see the grandfather. Suddenly the idea popped into my head that we could get a great shot if he was willing, and he was.

No matter which Vermont wedding photographer you hire, it’s vital that you make sure that your photographer has imagination and is able to use it to get the photos that you’ll love for forever.


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