Family Portraits

There aren’t a lot of things that drive me crazy. Having the cupboard doors open drive me crazy. When my husband pretends to be deaf I’m driven crazy, and when I hear a photographer say that there’s only one good way to take a family portrait I go nuts.

It makes me sad when I see family portraits that look all the same – the ones where you are instructed to sit still and to look directly at the camera and “say cheese” – GAH, I HATE that phrase!

Here’s my philosophy – there is no wrong way to take a family portrait. Look at the above portrait – is everyone looking directly at the camera and sitting still? Nope. Does it really convey the attitude of each child? Absolutely! I’ll admit that getting the attention of 10 kids wasn’t easy, but it was really fun!

Now look at the photo below. It’s not your typical family photo but to me it’s better. It shows a different dynamic and still gives you the whole family in the shot.

When you’re looking for a Vermont photographer to do your portraits, make sure that you don’t get one who uses the “cookie cutter” approach to photography – sit, smile, and wait for the picture to be taken. Instead get one who is willing to work with you to capture images that you’ll love.


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