Vermont Same-Sex Wedding Photographer

I absolutely love my state. There are a number of things I love about Vermont – I love the small class sizes that exist in my children’s school. I love that the grass is so soft you can walk around barefoot and can enjoy the silky-smooth feel of the green blades, and I love that we allow same-sex marriages.

Last Saturday I had the honor of photographing my first same-sex marriage. It was an intimate affair and the couple were obviously very much in love. The location was stunningly gorgeous – I couldn’t stop wanting to photograph! – and the small ceremony was a nice change from the larger ones I’ve been dealing with.

If you plan on getting married in Vermont you’ll be gratified to know that there are a number of Vermont wedding photographers just like me, who believe that same-sex marriage is a wonderful thing and who would love to help you to document your day. I’m always gratified to be asked to photograph any wedding, no matter if it is a traditional ceremony, a unique ceremony, a small wedding, a large wedding, a heterosexual wedding or a same sex wedding – they’re all beautiful celebrations of love and it’s my pleasure to be able to capture the day for eternity.


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