Getting Those Pinterest Photos

Is there any website that is a greater time-suck than Pinterest?! I don’t think so! It’s nothing for me to go on the site, only intending to be on there for a few minutes, only to look up and realize that an hour has passed! Pinterest has been great for my brides, giving them tons of affordable and unique decorating ideas, but Pinterest has been a bit of a pain in the butt for me.

Why would such a great website be a pain? Because so many of my brides assume that if you see a photo on Pinterest, it’s easy to recreate it.

Take, for instance, this photo:


I took this photo at a wedding last year. The couple was extremely fun and more than willing to try a few things, as was the wedding party. If you were to see this on Pinterest you’d think it would be easy to recreate, right?

That depends. It depends on the wedding party and on the day itself! There’s nothing hard about jumping, right? Yet I’ve had tons of bridesmaids refuse to do a jump shot (requested by the bride, usually) because they are worried that their dress will not stay up.

See, the shot’s a simple one, but if no one is willing to do it there is, unfortunately, not much I can do about it! That is one thing that I caution all my brides about – if you have some sort of unique photo you want to capture, make sure that your wedding party knows about it ahead of time and that they’re willing to actually do the shot. And, of course, always tell your Vermont wedding photographer about the photo ahead of time as well so that they have time to prepare!


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