Shoot What You Love

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I am NOT a nature photographer! And yet the other day I found myself down at the Willoughby River Falls trying to get a photo of the fish jumping.

Let me explain: once a year rainbow trout and salmon make the trek up the falls in order to spawn. Why they choose to go there, I have no idea, especially since they have such a hike to make and more of them wind up flopping against the rocks a dozen times than not, but they do. When this happens people from around the state come running to watch them jump. I have wonderful memories of watching the fish jump with my grandmother – of packing a lunch and sitting on the warmed rocks while we watch the fish flop around. When I heard they were jumping, I snagged my camera and tripod and headed down for an adventure, fully expecting to come away with nothing good.

What I came back with were photos like these:



I was so, SO happy and immediately rushed home to “develop” (ie download and edit) the photos. I posted a few of my favorites on Facebook and was almost immediately contacted by a local journal asking if they could repost the photos! Needless to say – I was shocked! Again, NOT a nature photographer and yet these photos came out good enough that someone asked to use them!

That’s my lesson for today: shoot what you love! Even if you’ve never photographed it before – even if you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing – go out and shoot! Even if you don’t get lucky the first time, you’re bound to learn a lesson about yourself, and your camera, and you’re also bound to have a great time as well!


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