So Beautiful

Recently I met someone who, to my eyes, was a very beautiful person. After some discussion, however, I learned that this person saw themselves as not beautiful. In fact they found themselves so not beautiful that they rarely post photos of themselves.

This made me incredibly, incredibly sad.

In my eyes there is beauty in everyone. Sometimes the beauty is easy to see at first – other times it takes a few moments to find it, but it’s always there.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge fan of a British TV show called Doctor Who, and this is one of my favorite quotes:

You know when sometimes you meet someone so beautiful — and then you actually talk to them and five minutes later they’re as dull as a brick; but then there’s other people. And you meet them and you think, “Not bad, they’re okay,” and when you get to know them … their face just, sort of, becomes them, like their personality’s written all over it, and they just — they turn into something so beautiful.

That is definitely how I see the world. I’ve met absolutely gorgeous people who are vapid and vain and who care for nothing but themselves. Then I’ve met people who aren’t considered gorgeous by most of the world but who are the sweetest, most amazing people I’ve ever met and whose beauty seems to radiate throughout them.

Take these two families:



Both very, very different families and yet even though they all look different, in my eyes they’re all beautiful.

I hope that the person I know sees this message. I hope that they realize that the mirror lies – oh, does the mirror lie. But you are beautiful – almost everyone is beautiful, even if they don’t always see it.


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