Finding the Right Vermont Wedding Photographer Style

So I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. I LOVE that you can find so many unique crafts and recipes on there. And yes, I do go there to get some inspiration for my photos. My problem with Pinterest, however, is that so many of my brides save their favorite shots and want to try to do them at the wedding, then get upset when their wedding party refuses to do the shot.

The cooperation of the wedding party is the key to getting photos like this:


This was a wedding I was honored to photograph a few weeks ago. The bride had told me ahead of time that her wedding party was all about having fun, and she didn’t lie! They were fantastic and were willing to do anything that I asked them to! Including squishing together like they were fish in a sardine can for this shot:


The thing is, when you’re selecting your Vermont wedding photographer, make sure you find one that matches the style of photography that you like. You are the one who is paying them to capture your images, and if they do only formal shots and nothing more fun and unique, you may wind up with wedding photos that you’re not happy with. Always look at the photographer’s portfolio to get a good idea of the type of shots that they are known for taking.


That doesn’t mean that a fun photographer can’t do a serious portrait too! After all the craziness had happened I managed to snag the bride and groom for a few tender moments, like this one:


Remember: When looking for a Vermont wedding photographer, always judge them on the quality of their work and their style!


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