Vermont Trash the Dress Photographer

Trash the Dress? What is Trash the Dress?!

Trash the Dress, also known as TTD, is a specialized shoot where the photographer takes photos of a bride doing things that a bride wouldn’t normally do in a wedding dress.

For instance, would you ever see a bride doing this?


Likely not! TTD shoots are done after the wedding is over with. Sometimes it’s done a few days or weeks after the wedding, or, as in the case of these two gorgeous women, sometimes a few years after! There are no rules about TTD, which is one reason I love it! For this session, for instance, we had the brides in Willoughby lake first, and then doing this:


Trampoline fun!!

So what do you have to do in order to have a TTD shoot?

Have a wedding, keep the dress, and wear it! That’s it! Simply figure out what you’d like to do for your TTD session and contact your Vermont trash the dress photographer and figure out what type of shoot you’d like!



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