A Photo Booth For Your Vermont Wedding?

When you heard the words “photo booth” you like think of one of these things:


Yup, that’s a classic photo booth. While there are some companies in Vermont who offer this classic type of booth, such as THIS ONE and THIS ONE, the price to rent them can be a bit steep. I have been to a wedding with one of these booths and they’re definitely fun, but if you’re on a budget it may not be financially possible to rent this type of booth.

At Randi Lee Photography, we offer a slightly different type of photo booth…


Looks fun, doesn’t it?! This photo booth is actually a large backdrop that I bring with me to weddings. I set it up with the studio lights and tons of props and people have a blast!! They love being able to be silly and to have something interactive to do at the wedding.


It’s also a fantastic keepsake! Clients not only get a disc with all the photo booth pics in it, they also get a website gallery with only the photo booth pictures in it, which allows them to send the link to everyone from the wedding so that everyone can see the goofiness!


If you’re interested in adding this to your wedding package, feel free to contact me! Not only do I rent it out for weddings that I am photographing, I am also renting it out for other weddings as well (provided that I am not currently booked that date!)


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