Fun with…Steel Wool??

As a portrait photographer I spend most of my time photographing people, which I love. Sometimes, however, I feel like I get into a rut and need to do something different.

On Wednesday night I found something different to do…



This is called Steel Wool photography – or if it isn’t, it should be because that’s the main prop to do this – steel wool! Because Scott works at a furniture factory he’s always been well aware of how flammable steel wool is, but I wasn’t! I learned, very quickly, however, how flammable steel wool is, especially when our neighbor pitched in and decided to give swinging it a shot!

(for more photos, click “more”!)


I loved how into it he got, swinging it like Tarzan! We definitely had tons of fun with this photography and it reminded me that I need to try to take time out to do photos that I love to do, and to have fun with photography 😀

Here’s one more. We think this one looks like a pumpkin 😀


If you’re interested in giving steel wool photography a try, Google “how to steel wool photography” and you’ll find tons of tutorials and tips telling you how to do it! Scott wants to go back out tonight and we have a few fun new locations to try that, we hope, will be great 😀


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