Why Photoshop Disgusts Me

Okay, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Photoshop. I do! It can take any little mistakes I make when i’m taking a picture and make them go *poof*. I just love it. I’m able to make sure that all of my clients get the high quality photos that they deserve and that they truly look like “them” because of it.

Then again, sometimes I hate photoshop.

I’ve always made a big deal of the fact that I feel that everyone is beautiful, and that the media makes people (generally women) feel fat and ugly. How can such a wonderful program do that? Like this…

This video shows exactly why I hate photoshop so much. This makes it easier to see…


The first photo is not properly lit, and obviously the model is not “into” it yet.

The second photo, however, shows a beautiful model that is properly lit and who has had a professional hair and makeup team. Now, most of us can’t afford to have a professional hair and makeup team make us look gorgeous for every photo shoot, but this shoot required one and the model looked absolutely gorgeous.

And then photoshop happened.

As you can see a LOT of photoshop occurred for the final photo. Let’s dissect this a bit…


There, see? I just dissected the perfect woman. Turns out that the perfect woman isn’t so perfect!

The photographer (or photo editor) decided to take this perfectly beautiful looking woman and to transform her into an alien. Yup, an alien. Isn’t is said that aliens have long necks, huge eyes and small mouths? See? ALIEN!

Let’s start with the most annoying part to me – the neck. There is no neck that could ever possibly be this long – it’s anatomically not possible. First there is no crease or turn in her neck. Second, the shoulder is raised up before the editor works on the neck, so presumably MORE neck is hiding behind that upraised shoulder, meaning she would have…well…a reeeallly long neck. All I can think of is the women who elongate their necks with rings, but those women have stated that they are unable to take the rings off because there is no muscle in their necks, so this neck? Not possible.

The eyes are made even larger (what is UP with large eyes being considered more beautifully?) and the nose is made even more tiny and perky – as are her breasts! Beautiful, larger breasts are made smaller and more perky – something my husband thinks is worthy of jail time.

And her stomach…wait…what stomach? Let me tell you something – I’ve photographed beautiful, extremely thin women, and even those women? Have some marks on their stomach when they lay down. This stomach is, once more, anatomically impossible! The editor also decided to make her legs longer – because she was too short? But while they did they they also skinnied out the things and, oh yeah, MADE ONE DISAPPEAR! With this camera angle, having only one thing showing is not possible – so that is just laughable! The editor also made her feet smaller – what?

This whole thing? Disgusts me. Especially since the video was posted by someone trying to say how “amazing” photoshop is.

Yes, photoshop is amazing – but it should be considered a tool, and, like any tool, used only as much as necessary. You wouldn’t bring out an air hammer to put in one tiny nail for a small photo, would you? Or bring out a chainsaw to cut up a turkey, right? Using photoshop to make a photo a little better is fine – using one to make a woman look inhuman?

To make other women feel as though they’ll never live up (because it’s not possible!)?


This definitely just disgusts me and makes me mad at any photographer who would dare to do this.


It doesn’t matter if a woman is a size 0 or a size 20 – what matters is how you hold yourself, how you feel about yourself, and how beautiful you are on the inside.

I’ve known women who, considered by media standards, are gorgeous – but their insides? Not so gorgeous.

I’ve known women who the media would consider unattractive – but their insides? Absolutely, blindingly gorgeous.

Your insides show on your face. They show through your eyes, in the shape and hold of your mouth, in the way you stand, in your smile, in your grace…I think you see where I’m going here.

Know that you’re beautiful, ladies. Know the next time that you pick up a magazine and wish that you were as beautiful as the women in the ads that YOU ARE ALREADY MORE BEAUTIFUL as your beauty? Is not fake.


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