The “Because I Appreciate You” Giveaway!


That. That right there is what I love the most about Christmas – seeing the smiles on the faces of people that I give gifts too.

Scott will tell you that I’m not a very obsessive person about most things – I don’t care if there’s a little dust around the house (stop laughing Mom), and I don’t care of I have jeans that have holes in them. I do care, however, about finding the absolute perfect present for everyone on my list. I’m not sure why? Maybe it’s because I feel like I’m proving to the person that I know them really well? Or maybe it’s because I want to show them how much I appreciate them by purchasing the perfect gift?

Whatever the reason, it drives Scott a little batty. He will suggest tons of very reasonable ideas for gifts for friends and family, and I shoot them down, knowing that if I wait, I’ll come upon the perfect gift. It’s all in an effort to get that face – the face my daughter is wearing above from last Christmas – on someone’s face.

I need all my clients to know how very, VERY much I appreciate you guys! You have been amazingly fantastic and have helped my business grow so quickly and so well that both Scott and I are humbled and grateful. Unfortunately picking the perfect gift for all of you would probably drive me insane (and would cause Scott to throw me off a cliff) but we wanted you all to know how much we appreciate you so we’re doing the first annual


25-amazon-gift-cardWe’re giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Card – this way you can purchase the perfect gift for yourself! Entering is extremely easy, all you have to do is use the Rafflecopter widget below to give yourself an entry. You can enter in multiple ways – by following RandiLeePhoto on Twitter, by following me on Facebook, by retweeting the contest, and by leaving a blog comment here answering this question: what is your favorite thing about Christmas?

The contest starts now and goes until midnight on December 13th. One winner will be randomly selected from all the entrants – which means the more you enter (by doing multiple things like leaving a blog post AND following on Facebook, ect) the more chances you have to win!

I’ll announce the winner here, on Facebook, and on Twitter!

Again, THANK YOU for being so amazing and so supportive – I wake up every day I have a shoot with a smile on my face, and I know that, without all of you amazing people, Randi Lee Photography wouldn’t exist.

Good luck!!

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this blog post telling me what your favorite thing about the holidays is!


30 thoughts on “The “Because I Appreciate You” Giveaway!

  1. What I love most about Christmas is the days leading up to it, which are filled with family, friends, anticipation and traditions.

    • What I love most about Christmas……. the abundance of joy, smiles,laughter, family, friends, and love…..the hightened sense of overall caring that floods us all.

  2. This year I love Christmas more than ever! Last year Daemyn was barely three months old, so there was not much to do with him, we opened the presents with him and gave him the wrapping paper, I think he held it for two seconds. This year Daemyn is a year and three months old, I would love to go out and buy him lots of presents, but that’s not really an option, I am loving doing Christmas activities and crafts with him, finger painting reindeer, making cinnamon dough ornaments, getting ready to decorate the tree and house, these are the memories I am going to remember, these are the traditions I am starting with him. It’s not about the presents, it’s about spending time with my son making memories with him that will last a lifetime. That’s my favorite thing about Christmas, starting new traditions and making memories with my son.

  3. There is so much that I love about Christmas but is mostly about the way the whole season makes me feel! The preparation, decoration, anticipation…sights, smells, and smiles! I love the family timee and traditions…it is truly the most wonderful time of the year for me and my family.

  4. My favorite part of the season is spending time with my family that I see everyday day and those I see once a year, all at once!

  5. My favorite thing about the holidays is the kids being super sweet and getting along almost all the time. It makes our home feel “normal” , which I know there is no such thing but the smiles, the laughter, the games, the story telling, the cooking all happens together as one complete unit. It is like a dream I have weekly when they are not at our home.

  6. I love absolutely everything about Christmas! Family events, work And friend get togethers! Shopping for loved ones! And the joy in my kids on Christmas morning!

  7. What I love about Christmas is getting together with your family and all the laughter and joy of being together. This year means even more to me due to having a new bundle of joy to celebrate it with. ❤

  8. Now that I’m a mom, my favorite thing about the holidays is creating new traditions with my own little family and creating homemade gifts for family, straight from the heart!

  9. My favorite thing about Christmas is seeing the joy on my kids faces when they come down the stairs and see all of the gifts under the tree. My kids have been taught to be thankful whether there is 2 Presents or 20.

  10. My favorite thing about the holidays is the family gatherings, laughs, hugs, yummy food. The smells.. Food, Xmas tree ahh pine scent, the beautiful decorations!!! It’s just the best

  11. I love spending the day with my family and watching my little girl play with her family and watching the smile on her face as she plays with her uncle and helps him open her gifts just fills me with joy to no that one little girl can make the hole day so amazing

  12. Family get-togethers. This is the time when all your favourite and not so favourite chachas, mamas, nephew, nieces, and cousins gather at your place for a big feast. With all the traditional dishes and sweets, the house full of festivities, and we feel like one big happy family. Yes, there is the occasional family drama, but hey, that’s what Christmas is all about.

  13. I love the movies, baking, decorations, lights and everyone’s cheerful spririt. I love spending time with family and just enjoying each other’s company.

  14. My favorite part of the holiday is spending time with my children, making crafts, baking, watching Christmas movies, putting up the tree… after all this is what it’s all about! That’s not to say that I don’t throughly enjoy the happy faces Christmas morning when they see things under the tree that they had put on their wish list!! Guess I just love all of it! 😉

  15. My Favorite thing about Christmas, is seeing the joy on my daughter’s face as she walks into the living room and see’s the present’s under the tree, she is only 5, so seeing her face light up with excitement makes my day. Bringing joy and happiness to those around me is also on the top of my list for that day.

  16. My favorite thing about the holidays is having the feeling of being whole. I enjoy seeing all if my family and friends and just the feeling of togetherness is really great!

  17. My favorite thing about Christmas is passing on traditions from my childhood to my children and seei.g the excitment, joy, and magic in their eyes that I remember so well.

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