Boudoir Q&A

As I get ready for our annual Boudoir Special I know that there are a lot of questions that people have about Boudoir – hopefully this Q&A helps!

Q: This is my first time doing something like this! What happens when I get there?

A: Don’t worry about being nervous! Want to know a secret? EVERYONE is nervous when they do a Boudoir session! The good news is that every single woman who has come into a Boudoir session nervous leaves laughing and having had a fun time!

When you arrive you’ll check in with our fabulous Makeup and Hair person and she will immediately put you at ease. When it’s your turn in the chair she’ll make your hair look fabulous (usually in a ‘just climbed out of bed but in a sexy way’ style) and will apply makeup that highlights all of your wonderful things and that hides anything that you’re a little self-conscious about. Then, after an hour of hair and makeup, you’ll be sent to me! I always have so much fun with my Boudoir clients and love seeing women feel sexy and having a blast! The shoot will go by far quicker than you’ll believe – it’s amazing how fast an hour goes! – and before you know it you’ll be putting your street clothes back on and heading home!

Q: That brings me to another question – what the heck do I wear?! I have no sexy clothes!!

A: Actually you probably do! Most women have at least one or two pairs of sexy underwear and bra sets, and many have lingerie! And a Boudoir session is a great excuse to go shopping :D. Places like JC Penney have beautiful bra and underwear sets, and even some sexy lingerie, but if you’re looking to shop online, here are a few sites that are great to order from!

Bare Necessities

Victoria’s Secret (of course)

Hips & Curves (for those of us with more curves to love!)

Frederick’s of Hollywood (a little more daring!)

But surprisingly you don’t necessarily need a lot of lingerie to pull off a Boudoir session! Check out this photo with simply some hot heels, fishnet stockings, a man’s dress shirt and a tie!


Q: Okay so I have some clothing ideas, but do I HAVE to go naked?

A: Absolutely not! Some people chose to go fully naked, others choose not to! Some women come in saying that they’re only comfortable getting down to a bra and underwear but then, before the end of the session, decide to bare their girls to the camera. There are absolutely no rules about how naked you have to get!

Q: I really want to do this but I’m going to wait until I lose a few pounds – that makes sense, right?

A: Actually, no! Firstly, most of us think we look far worse and far fatter than we truly do! Secondly, the man you’re showing these photos to likely already knows what you look like in your glorious skin and loves it! These photos simply show the most flattering side of you! And, remember, flattering lighting, flattering positions, and flattering Photoshop definitely makes you look as fabulous in photos as you are in true life (even if you don’t see it!).

Q: But wait – how much photoshopping do you do? I still want to look like me!

A: I try to make you look the way we all think we look before we look in the mirror. We always think we look better than we do when we look in a mirror – this is because mirrors are liars! But seriously, I only do light touch ups – if you didn’t know it was touched up, you’d never know 😀

Q: I’m getting interested but I’m still nervous! Can I bring a friend?

A: Absolutely!! People bring friends, or even siblings, all the time!

Q: Will my photos show up online?

A: Without your specific permission, absolutely not!! I take my client’s security very seriously and only clients who have given permission for their photos to be used are ever seen on any of my sites. All photos that go onto the private gallery are secure and can only be seen by the person who has the specific link.

Boudoir is meant to be a fun, exciting experience and it is my honor to be allowed to photograph so many gorgeous women and to make them feel as gorgeous as they truly are! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at or to ask questions through the Facebook page!



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