2015 Summer Boudoir Special Ramping UP!

Okay, you guys have no idea how excited I am to finally do a summer Boudoir special!! The January special is always a blast, but I’ve had tons of people asking me to do a special in the summer, with a lot of requests for it being a barn Boudoir special. Thanks to my fabulous hair and makeup magician Ann, this is now a reality! Ann is the manager of the Creek Hill Barn in Irasburg, a brand new wedding barn that they’re currently renovating (don’t worry, it will be done in time!!) Ann put up a few photos of how the barn is looking with the renovations and I’m in love with it! They’re keeping a rustic feel to it and, quite honestly, I seriously can’t wait to shoot here! Check it out…


Don’t get too dismayed by the floor – they’re currently redoing the whole floor – but don’t you just adore the light creeping in through the top of the wall? The rustic look of the wall and window? The old posts? Throw in a rustic bed and a few other props and can you imagine how freaking amazing this is going to be?

Sorry! I just get really excited about this shoot! It’s going to be amazing, and there are still a few slots left!

Check out this post to see the prices and to discover what’s included in each package!

Just this morning I had a client drop off her contract and deposit and, during the drop off, she confessed that she was extremely nervous.

“But,” she said, “this is completely out of my comfort zone and I need to do it for myself.”

I get that a lot! Some women do it for their significant others, some do it for themselves, and some do it for both! What’s important to me is that women who come not only have a fun time but also get photos that make them feel beautiful. Nothing makes me happier than when a Boudoir client is sad that the shoot is over and they walk out with their head held high saying that they feel absolutely gorgeous – that makes me smile so hard and tears come to my eyes every time!

If you’re interested in booking the special, contact me at randileephotography@gmail.com, at 802-334-8567, or through Facebook private message and we’ll get you booked! But hurry because half the spots are already taken and I only have so many slots available!


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