Different Vermont Families

Every family is different. The dynamics are different, what they’re looking for is different, and the feel of every photo shoot is different, and that’s one of the biggest reasons why I never get bored with my job. Not sure what I mean? Check out these three photos.

IMG_8183This first one is a large family – mom, dad, their adult children and their children’s significant others. And, of course, a puppy :D. They wanted something a little more traditional, so we put a slight spin on it by putting them on the grass! I always laugh when I see the looks some people have when I tell them to get on the grass – apparently they’re not used to a photographer telling them to get a little dirty! But they were great sports and the feel of this photo is definitely all them!


This family has mom, dad, three two-legged children and one four-legged child! Getting these three to look at me at the same time was no easy task, let me assure you, as they’re full of energy! But again we have a more “traditional” type of setting only I threw the oldest son in the back to give the “triangle” effect, which always looks fantastic.


This single mom works hard and has some seriously silly kiddos, so a traditional type of shot wouldn’t work for them. This, however, totally captures the feel of this family and as a bonus everyone’s looking at me and smiling – score!

All family shots feel different, which is why it’s important to find a Vermont photographer who can help your family photos look, and feel, like your family!


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