Aiden’s Adoption Story

This story starts as so many wonderful fairy tale stories do…


Once upon a time I got a phone call to do family portraits at the client’s house. I arrived there to find a half naked little boy running around the yard with the mom trying to get him dressed for his first ever photography session. But unlike so many of the family shoots I do, this one was a little different. The mom informed me that she wasn’t the child’s biological mother, but, rather, was his foster mother. This meant that any photos that I took of Aiden and his family had to be kept private, which was very tricky for me because some of his photos came out absolutely adorable…


How can you not love this adorable little monster? Always full of energy, Aiden definitely gave me a run for my money and I loved every minute of it! I was fortunate enough to photograph Aiden and his foster family a few more times over the past year and then a week ago I got an email from Aiden’s foster mother.

Off to St. Johnsbury I went to meet them at the court house, which was filled with friends and family and a very, very happy foster mother…

IMG_0138The judge came into the courtroom and asked if the foster parents were sure that they still wanted to go forward. They both emphatically nodded their heads and answered with a strong, “yes”. He brought over some paperwork for them to look over and had them sign their names, at which point everyone burst into applause…


But we weren’t done yet! The judge then brought over more paperwork and told Aiden that he had a very big job to do. He asked Aiden if he wanted these two amazing people to be his mom and dad for forever and told him if he did he had to sign the paper…


Aiden signed his name very carefully, with the help of his foster mother, and then watched as every person in the building (this lucky photographer included) got the chance to sign the certificate as well.

The judge then told Aiden he had one more job to do in order to make everything official, and that was to bang the gavel three times.


And with three bangs of the gavel it was official…

Aiden has a new forever mom and dad.


For 841 days this beautiful, sweet, silly, smart little boy was in foster care, but now he belongs to mom and dad for forever, and they belong to him.


Congratulations Shaun, Erica and especially Aiden on the adoption!! I am so, so grateful that I was asked to photograph this amazing experience and I can’t wait to watch your family as it grows.



One thought on “Aiden’s Adoption Story

  1. This is beautiful…made me cry and I can’t figure out if it is because it is a truly beautiful story or because I know the foster/adoptive mom personally….or both. Congratulations Aiden on your new family (well not so new, they have been family from the day you started living there, but now you can officially call them yours). I am so happy for all of you!!!!

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