Few Boudoir Slots Left!

The Boudoir Session is right around the corner! I can’t tell you how excited I am! Not only is this the first time that I’m doing a Boudoir special in July, it’s also the first time I’m going to be putting a bed in a barn!! Seriously, though, this session is sure to be AMAZING! The fabulous Ann has been remodeling the wedding barn and it looks simply stunning – perfect for some seriously sexy and steamy photos!

The bad news? I only have a few slots left.

The good news? I still have a few slots left!!

The Boudoir special is July 11th & 12th – you can find more information on this previous blog post which will show you prices, what you get, ect.

If you’re interested in booking, please contact me ASAP because I have a feeling those last few slots are going to be snapped up pretty quickly!

Below are a few examples from some previous boudoir specials to give you an idea of the type of photography to expect from this shoot!

2 3



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