For Those Few Boudoir Holdouts

You – yup, I’m talking to you – the woman sitting there thinking that she’d REALLY love to do a Boudoir special session with me but she’s too nervous to. Want to know a secret?

Almost every single Boudoir client I’ve had has almost been too nervous to come!

Seriously! I’ve had a woman come into the room who was so nervous she was physically shaking! By the time she was done, however, she told me she’d had an absolute blast and she loved it so much she came back for the Boudoir special again the year after!

If you’re seriously contemplating coming, but you’re just a bit nervous about it, let me hopefully calm down your fears a bit.

Firstly, you don’t have to be a size 2 in order to do Boudoir photos. In fact at least 50% of my clientele would shop in the “plus size” section of the clothing store!

Take, for instance, this client. She is not what would be considered “skinny” by today’s society. Fortunately I happen to believe that society’s beauty standards are rubbish and showed her how amazing she truly does look!


She has an amazing body (even though I’m sure she has insecurities like we all do), stunning eyes and a fantastic smile, and you can truly see how gorgeous she is in this pic, and in the next…


Another problem a lot of people come to me with is that they seriously want to do the shoot, but they don’t know what to wear.

The answer? Anything you want! Seriously! I have some clients wear long men’s shirts or their husband’s favorite sports team jersey, and I have others wear gorgeous lingerie. One of my favorite shots was of a client who wore black underwear and a jean jacket!

Take this client – she just had a pretty bra and underwear set and look how sensual the photo is…


But she also had a husband who was in the military so we did a little play on that as well…


Did you ever think knee socks, a cami and underwear could be sexy? Of course it can!

The truth is that anyone who does a Boudoir shoot is stepping outside of their comfort zone, and that’s okay – it’s good, even, to occasionally step outside of your comfort zone, but know that if you do book a Boudoir special with me that you’ll be in the best hands. Ann, the fabulous hair/makeup guru, always does an amazing job with her hair and makeup – so much so that women actually get upset that they have to mess up their hair and makeup before they get home so that their husband isn’t suspicious!

Also please know that it’s an all-woman setup! When you shoot with me it will be just me and you in the room (and anyone that you bring along with you) – no men, no other clients, just us, and trust me when I say that there is NOTHING sexy about a Boudoir shoot except the photos that come out of it! It’s a lot of laughing, a ton of giggling, and more fun than you can imagine!

I have only 3 SPOTS LEFT!! If you’re daring enough to step out of your comfort zone please contact me either at, at 802.334.8567, or through private message on my Facebook page! Can’t wait until next weekend!!


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