Being Inspired

So this business I’m in is a bit of a tricky one. For instance everyone always assumes that I’m giving something to my clients – I’m giving them beautiful photos and memories that will last a lifetime. This might be true but what people don’t seem to realize is that I get so much more from my clients than I could ever give back to them.

For instance I had a client who booked for the last Boudoir special. I knew this client would be very nervous, and rightfully so as the majority of people aren’t used to getting naked in front of others, but what I didn’t know was how much this session would affect me.

She came in very nervous, and even after having the fabulous Ann do her hair and makeup, she was still filled with jitters, so we started as I always do – asking her to put on the item she was the most comfortable wearing.


As with every woman, this client had a few problem areas she was concerned with, but after she realized that I didn’t see those “problem areas” as real problems, she started to loosen up a bit. Ann left at the beginning of the shoot to go run some errands (this was the final shoot of the day) and when she did this client was still very conscientious about covering her body. About 30 minutes later Ann came back and the client was walking around in her bra and underwear and saying that she didn’t feel self-conscious at all!


And it definitely shows in the photos – you can see the progression through the photos, how she’s nervous at the beginning and then getting really into it by the end of the session!

This woman is seriously amazing – not only is she huge into giving back to the community, and to kids, but she’s gone on a personal journey to change her life in order to transform it into what she wants it to be. In doing so she has gone through a great deal, but she recently told me that she feels like everything is coming together, and that this boudoir session has given her confidence that she hasn’t had in a very long time.


Not only that, her husband, who loves her unconditionally, has definitely shown an appreciation for the photos!

This client, though, inspired me like crazy. The minute she left I jumped up and down (literally!) when my husband got there to help me clean up the barn saying, “SEE! THAT! That is why I do these sessions!!”. Scott, of course, used to my craziness, simply smiled and said, “yes, dear”. The hours of getting things put together, setting things up, finding a bed (seriously that was a pain in the butt) and all the work that it took to get this session together would have been worth it just to see how it affected this one client.

But I was fortunate, so fortunate, that not only did it affect her positively, it affected all the other clients the same way! They all walked away feeling sexy and having had a ton of fun. Seeing women who are truly sexy, but who look at society’s standards of beauty and see themselves lacking, come away from these sessions realizing that they are far more beautiful than they thought they were inspires me. It fills a space in my heart that I hadn’t known was empty until I started doing photography. That’s why when I get so many praises about how gorgeous the women look from these sessions I feel like I can’t accept the compliment. You see I’m not magically making these women beautiful, I’m just capturing the gorgeousness that is already there – and I get so much back from them that I feel wrong accepting a compliment!


One thought on “Being Inspired

  1. I am Amy Snider’s brother. I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did with her. You did a really great job and should be proud. It really helped her boost her self confidence. I am so proud of her for what she has accomplished in her life and very proud to say that I am her brother. Thanks again!

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