Different Vermont Families

Every family is different. The dynamics are different, what they’re looking for is different, and the feel of every photo shoot is different, and that’s one of the biggest reasons why I never get bored with my job. Not sure what I mean? Check out these three photos.

IMG_8183This first one is a large family – mom, dad, their adult children and their children’s significant others. And, of course, a puppy :D. They wanted something a little more traditional, so we put a slight spin on it by putting them on the grass! I always laugh when I see the looks some people have when I tell them to get on the grass – apparently they’re not used to a photographer telling them to get a little dirty! But they were great sports and the feel of this photo is definitely all them!


This family has mom, dad, three two-legged children and one four-legged child! Getting these three to look at me at the same time was no easy task, let me assure you, as they’re full of energy! But again we have a more “traditional” type of setting only I threw the oldest son in the back to give the “triangle” effect, which always looks fantastic.


This single mom works hard and has some seriously silly kiddos, so a traditional type of shot wouldn’t work for them. This, however, totally captures the feel of this family and as a bonus everyone’s looking at me and smiling – score!

All family shots feel different, which is why it’s important to find a Vermont photographer who can help your family photos look, and feel, like your family!


As 2013 Gets Put to Bed

I find myself looking at the photos I took at the beginning of the year. I remember the trepidation I felt as 2013 started. Would I have as much business as I’d had in 2012? Would I get more? Was I really good enough to do this?

Then this happened.


And this…


And I started to consider myself very lucky and reaffirmed that I LOVE photographing Vermont weddings! This state that I call home truly is one of the most beautiful in the world, and weddings are filled with such wonderful emotion that even though weddings are long days, they’re some of my favorite to photograph!

Then the families started to call, and I got to meet them…


And had the honor of photographing these four-legged family members…


And then I got the shock of a lifetime when the phone started ringing and dozens upon dozens of seniors wanted photos!

So I got to do this:


And this…


And also this…


And I even had a few minutes to take some photos of my own children…


To finish up 2013 I just want to say thank you. Thank you so much for believing in my dream and in helping to make it come true! I get stopped all the time now – people stop me in stores or snag me when I’m at the register and ask if I’m “that” Randi from Randi Lee Photography. Of course I tell them that no, my name is really Britney Spears, but for some reason they don’t believe me :D.

Knowing that I’m able to help bring out the beauty in people, and to capture that beauty in portraits, truly makes me feel fulfilled. I don’t know how 2014 could be any better, but I know one thing: I’m definitely looking forward to the adventure of meeting new people and photographing in new places!


Coming Full Circle

One of the things that I adore the most about my job is the ability to see families as they grow. I had met Emma before – although she didn’t know it as she was still snug and warm inside mom!


This maternity shoot was one of my first of that type and I was excited to do it – but not as excited as I was today to meet Emma herself!


Emma! She was too, TOO freaking cute! Almost 8 months old, little Emma definitely liked hanging onto her mom…


But I managed to get her smiling a few times! And I even managed to get her to enjoy the bucket!


I love taking family photos in Vermont – especially when I get to see the family as they grow!!

When Selective Color Works and When It Doesn’t

Selective color is something that so many people get excited about. I think it’s because it’s something that they don’t know how to do themselves, but I could be wrong. I get clients all the time who request selective color, and I have to tell you that inwardly: I wince.

It’s not because I detest selective color – I don’t! I think that there are some very great reasons to use selective coloring, just as there are some horrid times to use it. Let’s give you an example of what I mean.

So here’s a selective color photo. This is something that I have seen TONS of times from all sorts of photographers.


Some photographers, for some reason, tend to make the bride’s flowers color and make everything else black and white. Yes, the flowers are gorgeous, but you’ve got three even more gorgeous smiling faces there – where does your eye immediately go? To the flowers, of course! Why would you want to focus on the flowers when you could see the smiling faces instead?

So in that option the selective color doesn’t work. Let’s see a photo where it does…

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So Beautiful

Recently I met someone who, to my eyes, was a very beautiful person. After some discussion, however, I learned that this person saw themselves as not beautiful. In fact they found themselves so not beautiful that they rarely post photos of themselves.

This made me incredibly, incredibly sad.

In my eyes there is beauty in everyone. Sometimes the beauty is easy to see at first – other times it takes a few moments to find it, but it’s always there.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge fan of a British TV show called Doctor Who, and this is one of my favorite quotes:

You know when sometimes you meet someone so beautiful — and then you actually talk to them and five minutes later they’re as dull as a brick; but then there’s other people. And you meet them and you think, “Not bad, they’re okay,” and when you get to know them … their face just, sort of, becomes them, like their personality’s written all over it, and they just — they turn into something so beautiful.

That is definitely how I see the world. I’ve met absolutely gorgeous people who are vapid and vain and who care for nothing but themselves. Then I’ve met people who aren’t considered gorgeous by most of the world but who are the sweetest, most amazing people I’ve ever met and whose beauty seems to radiate throughout them.

Take these two families:



Both very, very different families and yet even though they all look different, in my eyes they’re all beautiful.

I hope that the person I know sees this message. I hope that they realize that the mirror lies – oh, does the mirror lie. But you are beautiful – almost everyone is beautiful, even if they don’t always see it.

I’m Back!


Hello there! So, how was your year? Apparently mine went way faster than I thought it did because I haven’t posted on this blog in WAY too long. So let me catch you up:

Randi Lee Photography has grown. And by grown, I mean seriously grown. I have almost 1300 fans on the Facebook Page and am booking tons of weddings, family shoots, and all sorts of things!! I even opened up a studio in my home – it’s small but it helped me to create some amazing memories for many families this winter!

I even stared doing Boudoir photography, which is truly a blast for me! Helping other women to see how gorgeous they are, no matter if they’re a size 2 or a size 22, is very important to me, and Boudoir photography allows me the ability to do that.

I’ll be posting all sorts of things on this blog – from advice and tips for finding a Vermont wedding photographer to funny stories about weddings and photoshoots that I was a part of! If you have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at randileephotography@gmail.com to ask!

Don’t Forget about Black and White

When I’m editing photos, no matter if they’re Vermont wedding photos or family photos, one of the first things I think about once I get a hold of a specific picture is how it will look in black and white.

Black and white photography is, unfortunately, becoming a lost art form. Many years ago you had no choice – your portrait had to be in black and white. As technology has changed, however, black and white has gone the way of the VCR – slowly but surely becoming less and less used.

Now there are a number of photographers who do like black and white. There are some who shoot only in black and white. But often these photographers are high end art photographers who cost a fortune to hire.

I think there are certain portraits that just work in black and white. Take the above picture. This portrait was taken of a stable owner. She has a tough-as-nails personality that cannot be denied (although she can also be a big old marshmellow, but don’t tell her I told you that). We did a shoot and of course she had to include her gorgeous dog. Once we got him to lie down I had her lie behind him and relax on him – it’s not often you get a dog big enough to recline on – and this was the shot.

In color? It looks okay. The foliage behind her is green and doesn’t quite go well with her outfit, but the big problem I had was that her dog has a very camo-like color, so he almost blended into the ground.

Adjust it a bit with black and white and we get an entirely different photo.

If you’re hiring a Vermont photographer, no matter whether it’s for weddings or a portrait session, always ask them if they do black and white portraits. It’s not only highly flattering, it can take any portrait and can transform it into true art.