Rainbow Sparks

At a recent wedding the bride commented to me that she had seen tons of sparkler wedding photos and she wanted something a little different. I don’t blame her! Every bride wants to make sure that her wedding is a little different from every other bride’s wedding. So I had to do some thinking and we decided that steel wool photography would work, but I figured we’d throw a little different spin on it with rainbow steel wool photography!


I’d tell you how we did this rainbow steel wool photo but I have to keep some secrets!! Let’s just say it’s a lot of heat, a lot of spinning and a little magic!

What do you think of rainbow steel wool photography?


Different Vermont Families

Every family is different. The dynamics are different, what they’re looking for is different, and the feel of every photo shoot is different, and that’s one of the biggest reasons why I never get bored with my job. Not sure what I mean? Check out these three photos.

IMG_8183This first one is a large family – mom, dad, their adult children and their children’s significant others. And, of course, a puppy :D. They wanted something a little more traditional, so we put a slight spin on it by putting them on the grass! I always laugh when I see the looks some people have when I tell them to get on the grass – apparently they’re not used to a photographer telling them to get a little dirty! But they were great sports and the feel of this photo is definitely all them!


This family has mom, dad, three two-legged children and one four-legged child! Getting these three to look at me at the same time was no easy task, let me assure you, as they’re full of energy! But again we have a more “traditional” type of setting only I threw the oldest son in the back to give the “triangle” effect, which always looks fantastic.


This single mom works hard and has some seriously silly kiddos, so a traditional type of shot wouldn’t work for them. This, however, totally captures the feel of this family and as a bonus everyone’s looking at me and smiling – score!

All family shots feel different, which is why it’s important to find a Vermont photographer who can help your family photos look, and feel, like your family!

Black and White Wedding

I love black and white. No, let me clarify – I love high contrast black and white! Something about black and white brings a new dimension to photos, at least for me. While there is usually gorgeous colors at weddings, sometimes I like to go a little black and white, like I did at this recent wedding.


This little ring bearer and flower girl were walking down the aisle at the grassy outdoor wedding and unfortunately behind them were some pretty unattractive vehicles. Now there was absolutely NO way I was going to stop the ceremony to ask if they could move the cars for one photo! And while I could have taken an hour to get the vehicles out of the photo I knew that the little tufts of hair from the little girl would make the photo look a little off, so I decided to try black and white first to see if it helped and, it does! In color you immediately look at the vehicles because the little girl and boy and in black and white. When I equalize the black and white throughout the whole photo your eye goes where it should, to the adorable munchkins!

Black and white can also add age to a photo as well.


We actually found this dresser in the barn – seriously! We spotted it a few days before when we were scouting locations and since it was a Vermont wedding we knew that we just had to use a barn – imagine our surprise when we found this gorgeous dresser! Both the bride and I had the same time, to do a reflection shot, and it came out gorgeous! I found, though, that it looked a little more “aged” when I turned it black and white, and while I kept a color version for the client as well, I had to show you this one!

Black and white, of course, works great for silhouette shots as well!

IMG_5823bwI’ve been having a lot of fun learning how to do better and better silhouette shots and I’m in love with this one, mainly because of the fact that while they’re silhouetted, you can still see glimpses of their faces and little details in the flounce of the dress.

Black and white is definitely fun for me, but I always keep the color version of every photo as well, as you never know if a Vermont wedding client will want to have the photo in black and white or in color!

Steel Wool Wedding Photography

Okay so I’ve shown some “sparky” photos before and had a lot of people asking how we did it – the secret is steel wool! Steel wool photography has been around for awhile, and there are a lot of fun things you can do with it, but I’ve been having fun using it during weddings!

This particular wedding wasn’t too far from home so I set it up so that my husband would arrive at the end of the reception in order to do these shots. I have done this before with complete strangers, teaching them how to spin the wool, but it was nice to be able to have him there to do it as he’s done it many times before, even in the middle of Willoughby Lake freezing is legs off! (He puts up with a LOT LOL)

Anyway, my fabulous assistant Erica did me a huge favor by getting a quick little video of what it looks like behind the scenes when we do a shot like this! You’ll hear me yelling, “go go go go go!” and that’s because Scott tends to slow down when he’s spinning, when I often need him to go faster!

Hope you enjoy!

Finished Photo!


2011 Vermont Wedding Photographer


The 2011 Wedding Photography season, for me, has officially started! This Saturday was the first wedding of the season, and if the rest of the shoots I do are anything like it, I’m excited for a fantastic wedding season. The bride was full of life and spirit and extremely happy, and the groom was her perfect match.

I felt honored to do this wedding for a few reasons. Firstly because it was my first Jehovah’s Witness wedding. One thing I love about doing wedding photography is that I get to experience all sorts of different types of ceremonies. I’m someone who likes to learn, so anytime I get to do a new type of ceremony, I get all excited. And secondly because the bride actually selected me to do her photos even though there was a family friend who would do them for free. This family friend is actually a photographer in another state, but the bride preferred my photos over the friend’s and THAT was the biggest honor to me. That she loved my photography so much that she fought to have me do her wedding day.

If you’re looking for a Vermont wedding photographer, make sure you find one that you love, even if it means having to pay for your photographer instead of getting your photos done for free. A family member of mine had their photos done for free by someone who didn’t know what they were doing, and now they’ll never have the beautiful photos of their wedding day that they wanted. So always get the photographer whose work speaks to you!

Wonderful Weddings in Vermont

I’ve had a lot of people ask me, “what is journalist photography?” This photo is a great example of what journalistic photography is. When I go to shoot a wedding, or a family shoot, or any shoot, there are times when I need to set up the family or the bridal party in order to make sure that we get the portraits that the family is looking for.

But I’m always looking for shots like this. This shot happened at a wedding in Vermont in the summer of 2009. In the middle of shooting the bride’s nephew came over and gave her a kiss. It was absolutely adorable and thankfully I had my camera at the ready.

If you’re looking for a Vermont photographer for your wedding, keep in mind that sometimes, the best photos to come out of the photographer’s camera are the ones that you least expected to see!

Fun with Panoramic Photography in Derby, Vermont

I’m a Photoshop fan, I’ll admit it. Not too long ago, the only way you could truly edit your photos was to actually have a darkroom in your home, which is something that the average person couldn’t afford. But with Photoshop, almost anybody can take a photo and can play with it to transform it into something different.

One fun thing that Photoshop can do is to create panoramic photos extremely easily. All your family photographer in Vermont has to do is to stand in the same spot (using a tripod is a good idea) and to take a number of photos, panning left to right, slightly overlapping each photo. Then just bring the photos into photoshop and merge them together, making photoshop do the work and creating a seamless and very fun photo.

And what’s great about panoramic photos is that they can be used for a variety of things, from scenic photography to family photography in Vermont to wedding photography!

If you’re searching for a Vermont photographer for weddings, family photos, or really for anything you’d like to have documented with photos, make sure you ask your photographer if they can do panoramic photos!